XLTech is focused on quality computer systems and solutions based around GNU/Linux, BSD and Open Source while supporting the people and organisations that actively contribute and promote Open Source projects and initiatives through resources, funding and man-power.

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Our product range includes;

  • Single Purpose Servers (SPS) / Micro-Servers
    • A range of low cost packaged hardware and software pre-configured for dedicated activities
  • Single Board Computers (SBC)
    • Focused on leveraging the wildly successful Raspberry Pi to offer SPS and SFF solutions
  • Small Form Factor (SFF) Computers
    • Perfect GNU/Linux based solutions that minimise desk space to meet your everyday computing, HTPC / Media Streaming or Dedicated Server needs
  • Desktop and Portable Computers
    • From daily workhorses, dedicated gaming rigs to a tinker’s delight – we have packages and customisation options that have you covered
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
    • Whether you want to share 1TB or 80TB+ of storage, we have a range of NAS solutions based on GNU/Linux and BSD to meet your storage and performance needs
    • Multiple form factors, storage capacities and processing capacities to match your budget and needs
  • Servers
    • From small form-factor/high-density to Complete rack we custom build each solution to your needs.

All our systems are built, and parts and options selected, with GNU/Linux and BSD compatibility and support a requirement. To ensure compatibility, quality and reliability we personally build, configure and test every system that goes out the door to ensure it deserves the XLTech badge of excellence.

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